ThermoEfficient Climatisation System

ECO4, ThermoEfficient, Climatisation System

Rail vehicles can use up to 30% of the overall energy for cabin climatisation. This energy is often wasted because the system fails to adapt its performance to variables such as passenger occupancy.

The ThermoEfficient Climatisation System improves passenger comfort while saving considerable energy. Thisintelligent and flexible low-energy interior climate systemreduces operational costs for all rail vehicles.

The ThermoEfficient technology combines two systems to significantly reduce energy consumption.

  1. variable fresh air rate system reduces energy consumption by up to 24 per cent. The system uses information provided by sensors to calculate the passenger occupancy relative to the vehicle mass, adjusting the level of the air conditioning accordingly.
  2. heat exchanger system cuts energy use by up to 26 per cent. It uses up to 80% of the energy in the exhaust air to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air.


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