MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor

MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor

The MITRAC Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor saves energy. It improves overall vehicle optimization, increases motor efficiency and reduces motor volume and weight. Compared to inductor motors of the same size, this compact and powerful PM motor system:

  • Uses less energy
  • Facilitates motor cooling
  • Improves motor performance
  • Reduces vehicle life-cycle costs

Bombardier’s high-performance PM motor also shifts braking power from the mechanical to the electrical system. The end result is reduced operational costs and environmental impacts.

Innovative Motor Construction

Tested and validated, the solution’s innovative motor construction is based on permanent magnet technology. It uses a rotor to create its own flux by incorporating magnets. The MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor meets the highest demands on drive systems for traction application.

We recently tested the MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor in Sweden. We replaced four forced air-cooled induction motors in the BOMBARDIER REGINA with two of the PM motors as part of the Gröna Tåget (“Green Train”) project.

The successful tests confirmed that a reduction of two induction motors could be achieved while still providing the same performance for the REGINA train.


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