FLEXX Eco Bogie

FLEXX Eco, Bogie, United Kingdom

The FLEXX Eco bogie, previously designated B5000, has been developed to satisfy demanding market requirements. The bogies now need to be well optimized to reduce track damage, minimise weight and reduce maintenance costs.

The success of the design depended on a fundamental rethink of conventional bogie layout whilst still retaining or improving on the overall safety and performance that is expected from a modern bogie design.

The overall design simplicity combined with the inboard bearing wheelset concept is fundamental to the success of the bogie. This has resulted in a compact, lightweight but robust bogie design.

The bogie design has already been successfully applied on the Bombardier 200 km/h Voyager and Meridian trains in the UK and is currently be manufactured NSB in Norway and for the new UK TURBOSTAR trains.

The key technical advantages of the FLEXX Eco bogie are:

Train Weight Reduction

  • 30% reduction in bogie mass compared with conventional bogie
  • 30% reduction in unsprung mass

Track Friendliness

  • Reduced track damage due to reduced unsprung wheelset mass
  • Reduced rail wear due to better curving performance
  • Reduced risk of rail RCF damage

Optimised Total Cost of Ownership

  • Reduced track access charge
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced bogie maintenance
  • Reduced aerodynamic drag

The FLEXX Eco bogie is part of our BOMBARDIER ECO4 portfolio.


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